Wholeness Photography

Breaking Through the “Visual Attention” Barrier


amir chodorov


“The interpretation of the term “Wholeness” in the vocabulary of the artist Amir Chodorov, is linked to a different and additional aspect of his artistic creation. He is looking for the misunderstood and the unknown and in spite of the photographed elements which are known and familiar to us, the artist raises questions whether the photographed location is indeed familiar to us. Chodorov is true to himself as an artist and trusts the unique path he has taken. He uses his camera as  extension to his brain,  on his way to achieve originality and uniqueness”.

Wholeness Photography
Breaking Through the “Visual Attention” Barrier. 

What you see is determined by what you attend to, At any given time. The environment presents far more perceptual information than can be effectively processed by the brain.

Visual attention barrier forces our brain to select the information that is most relevant to ongoing behavior specially in locations that contain lots of objects and noises.

Complexity and information overload characterize almost every visual environment, given that fact meaning that our perceptual system in our brain can’t build us wholeness view of all the objects together.

As a photographer I tried for a long time to create a method that will enable me the ability to create such “wholeness Photography” that integrate – physical objects, emotional and beauty.

In 2017 after 40 years of experience, I succeeded to Invent a self-method that breaks our Visual Attention barrier as a photographer, that enable me to create wholeness view in locations that Reflected in my Artworks.

I found out that the first photographer barrier is the camera viewfinder that narrowing our ability to view all the objects in the location while we are shooting.

First insight – Shooting must done from my brain and not from the camera viewfinder.

Second insight– before shooting, I stay in the location for a while, in order to give my brain time to study the physical objects – line shape and forms and color pigments.  Emotional filling atmosphere –such as: people, religion, culture, and energy.

Third insight – find the best “Point of view” that is covering all objects together.

These three insights mentioned above, draws a schema in my mind that creates the integration of the objects.

execution phase – from the selected point of view, I’m shooting hundreds of photos in different angles while I’m not looking through the camera viewfinder but following my eyes to cover the whole brain schema.

Final process – organize the photos together like a puzzle, creating “Wholeness Photography” of the location.

Written about my Artwork:

“Amir’s puzzle consecrates history, yet at the same time, he creates a new and fresh contemporary reality. His artwork is distinguished by the geometric and sometimes abstract characters, which is born from a certain emotional situation or an imaginary event that the artist decides to embellish with various layers of impressive coloring.
His artwork emphasizes the victory of the spirit, inspiration and beams of light he found within himself”. 

The Technique