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Look through the lens of a master

Look through the lens of a master

The unique talents of photographer Amir Chodorov are exhibited in each and every one of his works. With over 40 years of experience in the field, he has managed to exceed expectations with his Tel Aviv photos, Jerusalem photos, various types of photography art, and more. The photographs taken by Chodorov are a prime example of expanding one’s worldview, to being able to experience many colors, cultures, and visual stimulation at once. The beautifully pieced-together works of art create an illusion-like experience as one is surrounded by so many different aspects of the photograph that it captivates them in an essential manner. An exceptionally special way that Chodorov has been able to do this is through his reflection art. With photographs of bodies of water, such as beaches, the numerous pictures were taken with the “wholeness photography” technique are able to be pieced together by Chodorov and used to assemble a masterpiece. In specific photographs such as ones of beaches in Tel Aviv, he is able to specifically capture people’s reflections in the bodies of water, and based on the way he assembles the piece, edit it so that it looks as if everything was taken in real-time. Reflection photography itself is a type of photography that is extremely hard to master. Building this takes immense skill and a deep understanding of the way that all of these elements fit together, and seeing the potential inside of all of the different frames that are shot. This reflection art is just one of the many different types of techniques practiced in Chodorov’s Tel Aviv photos, as well as different pieces that include reflections in his Jerusalem photos. It might not be apparent at first, but his technique combines vivid imagery with images of the same piece, giving commonplace landscapes, individuals, and locations liveliness from a variety of angles. There are constantly a large number of people, groups, advertisements, attractions, and more passing through areas of NYC like Times Square. Chodorov’s photographs of New York City are able to capture the wide variety of events taking place and skillfully combine them to produce a stunning work of art. Specific photographs, such as his popular one of Ground Zero Station in New York City, are ones that can be analyzed for hours as they contain many different dimensions. The groups of people walking around the station, the way the ceiling curves above the main floor, the booths and artworks set up inside, and the holiday decorations, are all encapsulated together in the photo is a type of synchronicity seldom seen in other photography. Shooting in places such as NYC, the types of challenges overcome by Chodorov have been exceptional, and can be clearly seen inside of his pieces. The photography techniques mastered by Chodorov have revolutionized the previously concreted ideas on how a photograph is supposed to look and be taken. As a winner of the Arttour International Masters Award, Chodorov is one of a mere 60 artists picked to win the 2022 competition. To win this award is known to be a huge honor from the organization, as winners are deemed the “elite of contemporary art.” This award is just one of many things that make Chodorov’s art so desirable and special. “Wholeness photography”, Chodorov’s trademark, is one that is special to him and only accessible by his hand. This mastery of the art is an essential viewpoint for him as he continues to change the world of photography with this technique. 

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