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London Solo Exhibition



We are delighted to present Symphony in Colours, a solo exhibition by Amir Chodorov, on display at Tower 42 in the City of London from 1–30 June 2023. This retrospective photographic exhibition features an array of works created with the unique patented method of combining hundreds of photographs into a single, sizable image. By juxtaposing images of the same subject, it imparts new perspectives on landscapes, individuals, and locations.

Gabriel Fine Arts

Gabriel Fine Arts was founded in London, United Kingdom, in June 2014. They are committed
to bringing together and representing exceptional and well-known artists from around the
world. Their online art gallery is open all year round, and they have curated art exhibitions and
bespoke art displays in prime locations and a variety of settings. They work with curators,
dealers, and galleries worldwide to provide Art Consultation and Project Partnerships.

Our vision is to promote the role of connectivity and diversity in Arts by bringing
down barriers and empowering artists and art communities worldwide.

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